• So why do Lashes shed in the Fall?

     Why our lash cycles change

    Why our lash cycle changes in the fall isn't entirely known, but it is thought the beginning of change actually happens mid-summer. On average, the cycle of a single lash lasts somewhere between 60-90 days, with active growth (Anagen) phase lasting 15-20 days, the transitional (Catagena) phase lasting 14-20 days, the resting (Taligent) phase lasting 30-45 days. During the summer, intense heat may trigger more lash hairs to go into resting phase, hulting growth, and causing them to fall out over the next month ot two. Additionally, change in the humidity that occur in the autumn months can play a role in your lash growth cycle. If your skin is really dry, your hair hair follicles (located just underthe skin) don't get the nourishment they need for your lashes to grow. This can cause brittle lashes the are more likely to fall out before their time.